CSET Test Info

One way to earn your bilingual authorization is to take three CSET tests in Spanish. The CSET Subtest III is required for some program to get authorization through coursework.

CSET subtests used toward a Bilingual Authorization for Spanish:

  • Spanish Subtest III (test code 147)
  • World Languages Subtest IV (test code 250)
  • Spanish Subtest V (test code 258)

You may register to take any one subtest in a single test session.

Words of advice from others who have taken the CSET Test III in Spanish

Speaking: Practice giving recommendations using the subjunctive. For example they ask questions like, “What would you recommend that a student visiting from Mexico do to learn more about the language and culture here?” Also what similarities and differences in the cultures may they encounter. Practice and prepping with the subjunctive is helpful in answering these questions. Also as a note that this section can be a little challenging because you can hear others answering around you so it’s pretty distracting. If this might bother you, maybe you
could request a separate room or booth that would be quieter.

This section is pretty easy. 

Just read carefully and do your best to infer meaning on any unknown vocab. There’s some challenging vocab.

 The questions are mainly formatted around stating your opinion and reasons to support that opinion, so practice doing this in Spanish.